Why we do this business

Generally, the space around us whether it is home, office, public utilities, car, etc,. are surrounded by plenty of objects & co living beings. Based on the location, climatic conditions and other factors; space we utilize or air we get exposed in these places are influence. Either it will good or bad for the health. The intensity of this factor increases with decrease in confinement of space. Plenty of researches and statistics from all over the world support the above fact. And as one of the initiation to address it, we started this venture.

Where we do?

As a first step to address the problem of exposure to unknown toxics in confined place, we had designed a product with help of activated carbon, and branded it “Whiteleaf”.

Where we do?

Green black Enterprises

1/420, Guruvayoor nagar, malumichampatti, Coimbatore-641050.Tamil nadu.

Our Products :

Whiteleaf-Activated carbon for Car

Whiteleaf- made out of activated carbon. Mainly absorbs the toxic fumes, due to emission from synthetic inside and outer air. In addition, removes odor of cigarette smoke,pet, food spills, sweat and damp. And works for 4 months.
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Face mask- Technical textile fabric

Protection: Constructed with tested, tried & proven technical textile fabric Safety: Antimicrobial, Anti-pollution & Anti-dust Better fit: Laser processed with wider coverage for nose and mouth Comfort: Soft ear loops, Adjustable and flexible nose clip 5 layer protection, having fused pure melt-blown triple-layer, Outer coarse particle filter and inner layer treated with anti-microbial content and absorbs moisture quickly click here