Natural Car Deodoriser

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Natural Car Deodoriser Features:

  • It never emits any fragrance.
  • Absorbs odors like cigarette smoke, pet odor, food spills, sweat smell, fowl smell and moisture in air, inside the car.
  • It also absorbs the plastic fumes emitted by car upholsteries when it heated by diurnal conditions.
  • Works for 6 months


  • Made out of 100% natural resources
  • Ingredient : Proprietory processed activated carbon, made out of coconut shell (100% renewable resource)
  • Enclosed with wood particle compressed board
  • Packed with virgin craft paper board


  • It never emits any fragrances but absorbs all odor and keeps your car neutral.
  • Even to enjoy fragrance, whiteleaf helps to do it completely. As it absorbs odor completely, you will be enjoying your fragrance without any other odor.
  • No need for any power, it works passively 24 x 7.
  • Designed elegantly with natural materials which fit with your interior.
  • No harm for kids, adults, elderly or pets.
  • No headaches, allergy or other discomforts (which you generally face with fragrance base air fresheners).
  • As it works for 6 months period, your cost for replacement goes down and it is a certain economic product.
  • By absorbing odor & plastic fumes , whiteleaf gives you comfort & safety in driving respectively, which is lost in fragrance based air fresheners.

1 review for Natural Car Deodoriser

  1. Martin A.M, Martin & Martin Associates

    My children used to suffer from the car perfumes & the same cause allergy to them. This has been happening for last 13 years. I purchased and installed the Eco friendly car deodorant there is no such compliants and i recommend it.

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